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Florida Roach Control

Lawn Pest Control Miami is able to control and eradicate roaches from homes and businesses throughout Miami, FL. It’s possible that there are more roaches in your home. Our exterminators are highly trained and will inspect your home thoroughly to eliminate cockroaches.

Cockroach Facts

German cockroaches have two stripes on their backs and invade homes looking for food sources. German cockroaches are able to quickly multiply and can live off very little food and water in your home. The sewer roaches are an outside species that seek shelter from the heat in summer by moving indoors. The plumbing system and small entry points are the main routes for sewer roaches to reach your home. It doesn’t matter if your home attracts indoor or outdoor roaches. It is important to get them out quickly to ensure your safety and prevent them from breeding.


Roach Control Solutions

We will inspect all areas of your property, from your yard and outside structures to cracks and drainage in your home. After we have assessed your pest problem, we will create a treatment plan. No matter where they are hiding, we can eradicate and eliminate cockroaches. Our services include advice and prevention methods to ensure they are gone forever. We can help you eradicate them permanently from your property because they are resilient pests.