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Flea Closeup

Florida Flea and Tick Control

Lawn Pest Control Miami provides tick and flea control in Miami, FL. Ticks can become a nuisance in homes and businesses due to Florida’s humid and warm climate. These pests can quickly become a problem in your home, posing a danger to your pets and family members if you don’t hire professional pest control professionals. With first-rate extermination services, our pest experts can help you eliminate your tick and flea problem.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks can live in almost any environment. These pests can spread Lyme disease, spotted fever and other diseases. Both hard and soft ticks can lay thousands upon eggs and feed on human and animal hosts. A large and persistent infestation could result if a female tick infests your home. You should exterminate ticks and fleas as soon as you spot them. Our pest management team will quickly take care of your problem before it becomes overwhelming.

Tick on Finger

Expert Extermination

The licensed and bonded exterminators will inspect your house and premises. We will ask you to do some preparatory work, such as vacuuming and clearing out clutter. We will properly apply pesticides to eliminate them. We are pest experts and can offer you expert advice on how to keep ticks and fleas away from your home. Lawn and pet treatments can be proactive or preventative.