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Termite Colony

Florida Termite Control

Our termite control service will prevent an invading swarm of wood-consuming bugs from destroying your home’s structure. Infestations of termites are common in humid environments. Many homes in South Florida are prime candidates. If you do not act quickly, termites can cause damage to your home that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Termite infestations may go unnoticed for long periods of time, causing serious damage to your business or home. Termites can get into your home through metal, wood, and plaster. Termites can cause irreparable and costly damage if they are not treated immediately. Our technicians have the expertise to find and eliminate termites from their source.

Get a termite inspection from us to stop these pests before they get started. What does it look like to have termites? If you suspect you have termites, we will help you identify what to do. Get termite treatment now to keep them away. Our termite control strategy is designed to protect your home and save you money.

How subterranean termites can damage your home

Protect your home against termites to avoid irreparable and costly damage. Termites love moist and soft wood as food and could make your home a breeding ground. A thriving colony may already exist under your home by the time they are visible for the first time.

If your business or home is at risk from termites, make sure you hire a licensed pest control company that is bilingual. If you notice structural damage in your home or drywall deteriorating, you should call our company immediately. These pests can get into your cabinets and framing if they are not properly treated.


First Solution Termite Treatments

Our broad range of termite treatments and tenting products allow you to take advantage of the most recent advances in pest control. Termidor(tm) is a termite-friendly product that spreads to other colonies. Each home presents different challenges to pest control professionals. Before we use our termite treatment strategies, we conduct a thorough inspection of each customer’s home.